Lunch #95: Carrot Sticks

Remember when “baby carrots” weren’t a thing, and we all just packed carrot sticks in our lunches instead? I have a vague sense of that shift to baby carrots taking place during my elementary school years. So the other day when I saw a bag of carrot sticks at the store, I decided to try them for nostalgia’s sake.

It turns out that baby carrots overtook carrot sticks in the marketplace for a reason: baby carrots taste better! Maybe because they haven’t been cut apart to let much carrot juice out of them? Or maybe because carrot sticks are cut from less flavorful carrots? Whatever the reason, I’ll stick with the baby carrots of my later childhood from now on—unless I find multi-colored “heirloom” baby carrots. Then I’ll make that leap from ’90s school lunches to Millenial bento quicker than you can say “carrot sticks.”


What’s Inside

  • Yemisir Alicha with kale
  • Carrot sticks
  • Orange slices

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