Lunch #75: Kik Alicha

I’m a great fan of Ethiopian cuisine, though I don’t make it nearly as often as I’d like. Today’s bento features an easy kik alicha, or yellow split-pea stew. Traditionally served with injera, a sour bread, I’ve paired it with a salad and low-point tortillas to keep it Weight Watchers-friendly. And since this recipe can be made without oil, it comes out to zero points per serving! That’s lucky for me, since the perfectly-sized vegan muffins I found at the grocery store have more points than I expected. I wish I’d remembered to scan the barcode before buying 🤦‍♀️ Guess I’ll have to bake some of my own when these are eaten up.


What’s Inside

  • Kik alicha – 0 points
  • Low-point tortillas – 2 points
  • Salad with Asian dressing – 1 point
  • Carrots – 0 points
  • Mini muffins – 9 points

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