Lunch #66: Batch Cooking

You may have noticed that I’ve been packing a lot of Lima beans and quinoa lately. That’s because I batch-cooked them in the Instant Pot and froze them for later. This may sound too simple to be worth mentioning, but batch cooking does get interesting as you build up a stash. The more pre-cooked dishes I add to my freezer, the more interesting lunch combinations I can concoct without much prep work the night before.

Give it a try: Batch cook some grains and some beans. You can season them during cooking, or leave them plain to allow for more seasoning options later. For some next-level batch cooking, freeze them in individual portion sizes. Wanna make something more eleborate? Tell me what you cooked in the comments!


What’s Inside

  • Quinoa – 3 points
  • Broccoli – 0 points
  • Lima beans seasoned with shallots, celery seed, and rosemary – 0 points
  • Pear – 0 points
  • Vegan M&Ms – 3 points

2 thoughts on “Lunch #66: Batch Cooking

  1. I do use our IP to batch cook both rice and beans. I just use them throughout the week though – I don’t freeze them. Our freezer is tiny so we can’t have too much of a stash!

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