Lunch #59: Applesauce

Why yes, that is a lot of applesauce! I plan to eat it throughout the afternoon as a lengthy snack (instead of the ever-present free Chex Mix at the office).

As a child I thought applesauce was a savory condiment, which disgusted me. So I only agreed to taste it in my first-grade classroom, where we made it one day in a piping-hot pot that I can only picture now as a miniature cauldron 🤷‍♀️. Ever since then, I’ve always preferred my applesauce hot (thankfully there’s a microwave at the office). I also lost interest in added sugar for it years ago, which keeps it 0 points.


What’s Inside

  • Edamame – 0 points
  • Quinoa – 3 points
  • Spinach gomaae – 2 points
  • Pretzels – 2 points
  • Unsweetened applesauce with cinnamon – 0 points

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