Lunch #33: Japanese Cucumber Salad

I love Asian foods, especially Japanese. In case you couldn’t tell, here’s another Japanese vegetable side dish: cucumber salad. I’ve kept the dressing separate until I’m ready to eat. Itadakimasu!


What’s Inside

  • Mandarin orange – 0 points
  • Cucumber salad – 1 point
  • Tofurky “Thanksgiving” wrap – 5 points
  • Baby carrots – 0 points
  • Froot Loops – 2 points

3 thoughts on “Lunch #33: Japanese Cucumber Salad

  1. Hey there!
    I just discovered your blog last night and I was so glad to find someone else who tries to combine bento and weight watchers. I’m very curious: What do you put in your cucumber salad except for the obvious cucumbers 😉 ?

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