Lunch #30: Tracking Changes Things

I was too tired to make lunches last night, but I did manage to wash the mountain of dishes I’d piled up in the sink! This morning I made time to put together this lunch, and I’m proud of myself for making healthier meals like this a priority over sleeping in and eating out all the time. Tracking my intake really is changing my mindset about food choices.

This Tofurky wrap is the same as my typical Thanksgiving-themed Tofurky sandwich: Jam (i.e., cranberry sauce), Tofurky slices (i.e., turkey), and greens (i.e., salad). My Puppy Pick is enjoying the pears in the bottom tier.


What’s Inside

  • Tofurky Thanksgiving wrap – 4 points
  • Veggie straws – 1 point
  • Froot Loops – 1 point
  • Pear – 0 points
  • Carrots – 0 points

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