Lunch #55: Expanded Double

Today I get to try out a new bento box from Takenaka, the creator of my beloved blue and green bentos. After sharing my blog with them, they were kind enough to give me this design, called “Expanded Double,” to review, courtesy of their buddies at Here’s what it looks like closed:

It comes with a colorful band to keep it shut. Nice color coordination with the container.

This is the open bento. Like my usual box, the Expanded Double design features 2 compartments with their own lids, space for an included fork, and a removable divider in one compartment.

Overall, I really like this design. The pieces fit together well, and it looks quite attractive when fully assembled. My only reasons to prefer the “Double” design that I normally use are that it holds about 16 more ounces of food, and it clips together without the need for a band to keep it shut. (And I think the fork design is cuter, but that’s neither here nor there.)

Overall, I recommend the Expanded Double design almost as highly as my customary Double model, and think Takenaka has done a great job marrying function and design. If you’re looking to pack fewer, more calorie-dense foods, the Expanded Double design is an excellent choice.


What’s Inside

  • Corn – 0 points
  • 2 low-calorie wraps filled with spinach and seasoned black-eyed peas – 2 points
  • Nectarine pieces – 0 points
  • Cherry tomatoes – 0 points
  • Froot Loops – 1 point

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